About Callidus

Welcome to Callidus

The Callidus Inc a Michigan corporation founded in 2015. With flexible, customer-centric approach to staffing, Callidus team works to consistently provide premium, customized service for our highly valued clients and consultants. We are proud to say that we are expertise in finding and matching the best talent to meet your organizational needs.

Callidus embrace this responsibility by unleashing our drive for excellence. We at Callidus go beyond understanding the needs of our clients and consultants, we believe in exploring the depth of what makes them unique.

Callidus provide a unique business model that employs an effective utilization of highly experienced professionals, efficient work process and cutting-edge technologies. This helps customers dynamically explore the infinite possibilities of becoming a leader within their respective industries.

Our approach takes into consideration the goals of our clients, as well as the aspirations of our candidates when working to fill positions in order to cultivate lifelong partnerships. Callidus helps companies remain fast, flexible and responsive to their dynamic workforce needs by handling the ins and outs of technology needs.

At Callidus roll up our sleeves, we dive into the details, we connect with our consultants and get results.


Our Vision is to be a global leader in providing the highest level of IT solutions and services. We strive to exceed our clients expectations and create a workplace in which all employees thrive in a collaborative environment that celebrates excellence.


"We will be the best in delivering innovative industry-focused solutions with measurable business outcomes."

Value Proposition

Our Clients

Callidus is trusted by many and developed software projects ranging from software application development, mobile application development, Web site, Web portal application, IT staffing HR services, Content Marketing, Search Engine optimization, Pay per click & social media optimization.

Our Team

Callidus strength is the commitment of each individual to give his /her best of 100% each time and every time by raising the bar of excellence. Our mantra is equal opportunity employer and keep one’s dignity integrated.