Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services

Today, for most organizations, IT systems and software applications provide the foundation for an organization's core offering. Designing the IT infrastructure and applications to provide the desired business outcomes however is not enough. This needs to be supplemented with robust IT services to ensure high availability, performance and service levels. The key challenge is to deliver efficient and high quality services for managing IT at an optimal cost.

Callidus Application Managed Services ensures that your business applications are managed 24X7 to provide a secure and high performance platform for your business, all this done within your time and budget constraints. Out application managed service focuses on transforming your application support delivery to a "Managed Service" model with predictable service levels.

Key elements of the application managed services model:

  • Enable clients to be "hands-off" on routine operational issues
  • Service level agreement (SLA) driven metrics
  • Structured approach to transition and manage applications
  • Formal processes for governance, change management and communications
  • Address scalability, resource efficiency and cost control by consolidating and rationalizing services and resource utilization.

We adopt a 3 phased approach to transitioning the support organization to an application managed service based service delivery:

Transition phase – due diligence, knowledge transfer, shadow support and primary support
Transformation phase – gap analysis, implementation of solution components based on requirements, baseline KPIs and SLAs
Continuous Improvement phase – address service challenges and continuous improvement mandated against baselined KPIs and SLAs